In a drastic move from Pepsi Co. 100 employees from Marketing and Sales department were fired yesterday. Based on the press release by the company’s spoke person, the reason for firing was due to all of them being tested positive for coke products.

In a recent mandatory blood test, the company was able to identify as many as 100 employees that were not drinking pepsi, but instead have crossed the line and drank coke products instead. They have also gave warning to another 30 employees but did not fire them as they were test positive for both pepsi and coke products.

It has been a known fact that both companies, Pepsi and Coke, are using special carbon isotopes to imprint who is using their products. In an agreement that was signed between the two companies in 2003 for research and marketing purposes. Coke is using Carbon 18 and Pepsi is using Carbon 20 in the Carbon dioxide used in their drinks. This move was later approved by FDA since none of the two isotopes are known to cause any human harm.

It is not the first time that Pepsi has fired employees for using coke products. Last year Pepsi fired 50 ground workers and two of its managers in its packaging plant in Hamilton, Ontario for testing positive. Pepsi also fired at least 600 employees all around the USA for testing positive.

In an attempt to reach the union of Pepsi employees, it became known that pepsi employees have to sign an agreement that they will not drink coke product for the duration that they work for pepsi. In an original contract that was made effective in 2004 there was also a fine of 20,000$ which was later dropped by the order of federal court indicating that individuals cannot be fine for drinking a legal substance that can be purchased in any store.

It is also clear that this move was originally part of “Pepsi is Better” campaign. By doing so Pepsi was able to gain and maintain a 5 point lead to Coke in carbonated drink mark in North America. This has brought Pepsi an extra profit of 80 million dollars since implementation.

Pepsi Also tried to push for a similar move in Europe but EU does not allow for isotope marking of food so Pepsi has no way of testing employees for their royalties to Pepsi products and limiting them on their choices.