"Bleeding time (template)"," 2-7 minutes "
"Erythrocyte count","Male: 4.3-5.9 million/mm3"
"","Female: 3.5-5.5 million/mm3"
"Erythrocyte sedimentation rate (Westergren)","Male: 0-15 mm/h"
"","Female: 0-20 mm/h"
"bloodtocrit","Male: 41-53%"
"","Female: 36-46%"
"Hemoglobin A1C","< 6%"
"Hemoglobin, blood","Male: 13.5-17.5 g/dL"
"","Female: 12.0-16.0 g/dL"
"Hemoglobin, plasma","1-4 mg/dL"
"Leukocyte count and differential",""
"Leukocyte count","4500-11,000/mm3"
"Segmented neutrophils","54-62%"
"Mean corpuscular hemoglobin","25.4-34.6 pg/cell"
"Mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration","31-36 % Hb/cell"
"Mean corpuscular volume","80-100 ?3"
"Partial thromboplastin time (activated)","25-40 seconds"
"Platelet count","150,000-400,000/mm3"
"Prothrombin time","11-15 seconds"
"Reticulocyte count","0.5-1.5% of red cells"
"Thrombin time","< 2 seconds deviation from control"
"Plasma","Male: 25-43 mL/kg"
"","Female: 28-45 mL/kg"
"Red cell","Male: 20-36 mL/kg"
"","Female: 19-31 mL/kg"